Applying for an At Home Position

Did you know that you will most likely have to do a voice audition when applying for an at home position where you will have customer contact over the phone?

It is much like a mock call that a potential employer might have you do when being interviewed to work in a call center. They want to hear how you come across on the phone. They are also doing something that you might not even think about, which is checking for the level of noise in the background while you are auditioning. They are also checking to see if your voice is steady, you speak slowly, you come across as clear and understandable. Be sure to practice before your audition. Have a family member or friend help you with this if possible. Another good idea would be to get or use a voice recorder. Tape yourself and listen back to it. This way you will hear first hand anything that you may want to improve upon before your call. Also my biggest suggestion would be to always keep a smile on your face. This comes thru over the phone.


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