Looking for an at Home Job?

My book lists over 100 companies that are looking for people to work at home. This seems to be an upward trend with alot of companies now a days due to the fact that most of the the time you would be an independent contractor. Being an  independent contractor has so many advantages for the companies. The main reason is this saves the company ALOT of money. Some of the other reasons they may be moving towards virtual staffing & offices are:

  • They do not have to pay for benefits
  • They do not have to pay sick or vacation time
  • No Overhead as far as electric, office supplies, etc…
  • Independent Contractors are responsible for their own taxes
  • You use your own computers, phone lines, etc…

These are just a few reasons that it is highly beneficial for companies to hire an at home work force.  This works out very well for stay at home moms, the homebound, stay at home spouses, etc… Where you would not be able to work before, you now can. If you figure in the cost of daycare for a single mother she may not have been able to get a job other wise. Plus there is also the other costs involved with working outside the home. Such as you need a car, insurnace, gas, oil, your going to need to eat lunch, etc… This side of it saves you ALOT of money!

At home workers are also good for the environment. This is because you are not driving back and forth to work, getting stuck in traffic burning up the ozone layer, using gas, and oil. It saves the environment and also conserves our resources.

So you see there are so many beneficial sides to working at home! I do hope that it is right for you and it works out well! Good lukc in your job hunt!


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